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8 podcasts you should know about

Who the hell is Hamish podcast

Over the last year or so I have REALLY gotten into podcasts. I listen to podcast episodes at least once (but sometimes twice) a day and I’m always searching for the next binge-worthy series to add to my library.

I love how you can listen to them on the go, with no need for WIFI, and how if it’s not doing it for you, you can simply stop listening. I’m one of those people who plods along with a book, even if I’m not enjoying it, because I feel I have to whereas, I just don’t have that with podcasts – it’s liberating!

If you too love podcasts, or you’d curious to try one, here are 8 I really recommend.

Dirty John

I first came across Dirty John on Netflix and watched the series before I discovered the podcast. So you’d be forgiven for thinking, like me, that the podcast was inspired by the Netflix series, when actually it was the other way round.

Dirty John is the true story of John Meehan, a con man and downright nasty piece of work who preyed on woman and made their lives a living hell. The podcast and Netflix documentary focuses on his relationship with successful Interior Designer Debra Newell, whom he met online, and their whirlwind romance that tears her family apart. You will honestly never guess how this ends. GRIPPING.

Dirty John podcast

Broken Harts

,Broken Harts tells the true story of married couple Jennifer and Sarah Hart and their six adopted black children. By appearances they are the prefect, if somewhat unconventional, family. Jennifer regularly posted on Facebook about their seemingly happy life – from music concerts to festivals and even political rallies. Their friends thought they were amazing, loving parents but all was not what it seemed. The children had regularly been physically and mentally abused and Jennifer ended life for all of them by driving off a cliff. Utterly harrowing and devastatingly sad but a story that’s important to hear – especially in this age of social media where it’s so easy to fabricate your life.

The Dropout

The Dropout is so addictive because it’s all about a young, aspirational female entrepreneur (the ultimate Girl Boss), Elizabeth Holmes, who dropped out of university to start a tech company which was going to change the world. Except it didn’t.

Likened to Steve Jobs (she even dressed in his signature black polo neck), Elizabeth’s company Theranos had the backing of very powerful and influential people and she was even named the youngest self-made female billionaire in the U.S. But then the FBI came knocking and everything unravelled…

The Dropout podcast

Happy Place

I adore this podcast by broadcaster Fearne Cotton because it discusses mental health in such an open and honest way. Every Happy Place episode has a guest and Fearne just chats to them about their lives and their experiences of mental health. Some of the guests that have featured on the podcast are Coppafeel founder Kris Hallenga, author Matt Haig, YouTuber Zoe Suggs , TV personalities Gok Wan and Emma Willis and Game of Throne actresses Natalie Dormer and Lena Headey.

I think the episode that really touched me the most was the one with journalist Poorna Bell who spoke so openly about discovering her husband was a heroin addict and then coming to terms with his death by suicide. Listening to other people’s openness about anxiety, depression and addiction helps me understand mental health more and that it’s normal and should be talked about.


I still remember so clearly the day that three-year-old Madeleine McCann’s disappearance from a resort in Praia da Luz dominated the news on 4th May 2007. It’s a story that has continued to divide people as to what really happened to Maddie.

Not only is there a new series on Netflix, which details the time of her disappearance, there’s also a podcast that aims to get you to question everything you think you know about the case. I have to say, it’s made me absolutely certain that Kate and Gerry had nothing to do with her disappearance. But what happened to her and where she is still remains a mystery.

Who the hell is Hamish?

A fascinating podcast by The Australian, ‘Who the hell is Hamish?’ tells the story of Hamish Watson, a serial conman, who was so utterly charming and convincing that he conned people out of millions of dollars. At the time of his arrest, his girlfriend knew him under a different name – and they’d been together for over a year. The real question though is, where is the money?

Who the hell is Hamish podcast?

The Doorstep Murder

BBC Radio Scotland takes a behind the scenes look at the investigation of the mysterious murder of Alistair Wilson on his doorstep on 28 November 2004. It’s still unsolved to this day. The podcast features interviews with his wife as it tries to piece together why he was murdered and by whom.

The Teacher’s Pet

The Teacher’s Pet tells the true story of the unsolved murder of Lyn Dawson and is investigated by The Australian journalist Hedley Thomas. In January 1982 Lyn Dawson disappears from her Bayview home in Australia, leaving her husband Chris Dawson and two young daughters behind. Not long after, Chris moves in his 17 year old girlfriend from the high school he was teaching at.

Hedley delves into Lyn’s disappearance and speaks to a number of Lyn’s family members and friends who believe that she didn’t disappear – she was murdered by Chris so that he could be with his young lover. The podcast received such interest, particularly from the community, that the police have started re-investigating it.

What podcasts do you love? Please share in the comments!

8 podcasts you must hear

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  • Rosie

    I’m yet to try a serial type podcast for some reason as I think they’ll really appeal to me. I like funny podcasts like Richard Herring, Adam Buxton and Off Menu -all worth a listen for some light relief

  • Kirsty Marrins

    Oooh thanks for the recommendations – I love Richard Herring so will check his podcast out!

  • kerry

    Ohhh you sound like you like similar podcasts to me, I love true crime on youtube, but funnily enough, never listened to a true crime podcast. Iv no idea why! The Maddie one sounds fascinating. I love the Fern Cotton one. Some that I listen to are Hashtag Authentic, From the Heart, The Wildlife Tourist, Twins Perspective and What She Said. I need to find more as like you, am a bit addicted to them!

    • Kirsty Marrins

      I also love What She Said but I think Lucy has stopped doing them now? Funny because I never watch YouTube! I do love my true crime though. Currently listening to Over my dead body.

  • Tallie

    Great list! I’ll have to check some of them out. I recently put together my own list of podcast recommendations here:

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Thanks Tallie, I will do!

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