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Ten happy things – September 19

Edmonton Alberta in Canada

It’s that time of the month again! Time to look back at the month that’s just passed and choose ten things that made me happy and that I’m grateful for. Here are September’s ten happy things.

Family time in Edmonton

My mom and my sister and nephews live in Edmonton, Alberta, and I’d not been to visit them since 2011 (they have been to London a few times, fyi) so I was overdue a visit! My trip happened to coincide with my mom’s birthday, which was lovely as it’s probably been 20 years since my mom celebrated her birthday with both her daughters.

University of Alberta Botanic Garden

We spent the day having lunch then visiting the beautiful University of Alberta Botanic Gardens, which also happened to be the last day it was open before it closed for the winter. My sister and I then took her for a lovely meal. Edmonton is a great city – with fabulous restaurants by the way – and there’ll be a blog post soon so watch this space.

Tried Timbits

When in Canada… apparently you have to have Timbits from Tim Hortons (so everyone kept telling me). So I did – although I almost didn’t because I didn’t actually get round to it. It was only the fact that they had a shop at the airport that I got to try them. They’re little mini doughnuts and they’re delicious – my favourite was the Birthday Cake flavour.

Timbits from Tim Hortons

Speaking of airport food… can we show some appreciation for these lobster nachos I had in Calgary airport? They were amazing!

Lobster nachos

Facial at Marie Reynolds

You might remember that one of my ‘ten happy things’ in July was winning a holistic signature facial at Marie Reynolds in Fortnum and Mason with facialist Ez Dyer. Well this month I got to have the facial! It was wonderful – very relaxing and I even got a glass of champagne too. One of the best parts was the head massage, although I had to buy dry shampoo after as I was going to an event. Totally worth it though!

Launched a Wellbeing Guide

This month I launched A Wellbeing Guide for Comms Professionals with CharityComms. It’s packed full of tips and advice from mental health and wellbing experts, as well as case studies from charities. The feedback has been fantastic and we’re already working on new sections. I’m so proud of this guide.

Birthday cocktails and dinner

It was my friend Nadia’s birthday in September and we celebrated with Aperol Spritzes at All Bar One in Tower Bridge (thanks to Aperol for the gifted gift card to celebrate their 100th birthday!) We then went to Coppa Club for dinner. It was a lovely evening with good food, lots of laughs and fab company.

Birthday day at Coppa Club

Discovered Jane the Virgin

I’m so late to the party on this one but I had run out of things to watch on Neflix, saw Jane the Virgin and thought I’d give it a try. Oh boy it’s so good! Very silly at times but I love it. The telenovela style is unique and there’s a surprise in every episode. If you’ve not watched it, give it a go!

Became a trustee!

CharityComms is a membership network for communications professionals in the charity sector. I’ve been a member for about 10 years now and when I saw that they were electing two new trustees, I just had to apply. I applied for an elected trustee position, which meant I had to get voted in by my fellow members and I did! I’m so delighted as it’s a charity that’s so close to my heart.

Spent the day in Richmond

Being freelance is wonderful because of the flexibility it offers. After launching the Wellbeing Guide, I really needed a day off to just recharge and reflect. It was an absolutely beautiful day in London so I decided to hop on the Overground and go to Richmond. I love Richmond because it’s so close to London but feels far away. It has some lovely parks and green spaces as well as the Thames that you can walk along or get a boat. I bought myself some lunch and sat on a bench along the river just enjoying the sunshine.

Boats in Richmond

After lunch I walked to Petersham Nurseries, which is one of my favourite places. It’s just so beautiful and tranquil. I even had to walk through a field of cows to get there! I highly recommend the restaurant too for a lovely lunch. It’s in one of the glasshouses and is really special – plus the food is exceptional.

I had to resist the urge not to buy ALL the plants!

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond

Making time to read

I’m trying to make more time to read. One, because I love reading and also because it gets me off a screen (whether that’s my phone, laptop or the TV). At least once a week, I’ll make some popcorn, go up to my bedroom and spend 30 to 45 mins reading my book. If I’m not reading in bed, then I’m reading in the bath. It’s so relaxing and nice to have time to myself.

Discovered a new Italian restaurant

As you may know, my husband is Italian so almost every Saturday we go to an Italian restaurant for lunch. We have our favourites but of course we also like to discover new ones. My husband had seen an article or review in the Metro for Bancone, which is near Trafalgar Square so off we went for lunch. We didn’t have a reservation, and they were pretty busy, but luckily they could fit us in. We really enjoyed it and will be back!

Lunch at Bancone

So those are my ten happy things for September! How did your September go? What things made you happy and brought you joy?

Kirsty Marrins

Reader, writer, occasional runner, travel lover.



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