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Ten happy things – November 18

Cycling in the Seychelles

It’s mid-December and I’ve just realised I totally forgot to do my ‘ten happy things’ post for November! Oops… that’s what happens when life gets in the way of blogging.

So here are ten things that made me happy and that I’m grateful for – most of them involve the Seychelles (but can you blame me?).

Feeding baby tortoises

We were in the Seychelles in November on holiday and we stayed at the Four Seasons Desroches, which is on a small island. They had a tortoise sanctuary where you could visit the tortoises and on certain days you could feed the baby ones. We went twice! They were absolutely adorable and I mustered up the courage to pick one up (yes I know it’s just a baby but I was a bit scared!). Hotel guests can sponsor a tortoise for $50 for the year, which goes towards the island’s conservation work.

Don’t ask me what I’m doing with my pinky finger but don’t my nails look good?!

Baby tortoise

Cycling for hours

I love cycling but sadly I never get to do it in London because it’s not exactly a cycling-friendly city. So when we got to cycle every day in Desroche it was absolute heaven! Each hotel guest is given a bike, which you keep by your room so that you can use it whenever you like. Whilst the island is small, it takes a good hour and a half to go round it. It was great exercise!

Cycling in the Seychelles

Lazy days

When you’re on an island with not that much to do, your days are pretty lazy – but in a good way! We filled our days with swimming, cycling, reading and eating. It was glorious…

The most stunning sunsets

We were in the Seychelles for a week but only had three nights of stunning sunsets. However, when they’re as stunning as this it was worth the wait. On our last night we stayed at the Four Seasons Seychelles which is in Mahe as we had an early flight. What a send off – thanks Mother Nature!

Seychelles sunset

Getting my nails done

I very rarely get my nails done but I decided to do them for our holidays. I got acrylics (although wish I’d got Shellac) with white tips so it looked like a French manicure. It was so nice to have long nails and obviously a French manicure goes with everything so there was no need for me to change nail polish during the holiday (and no chipped nail polish either). I then had the infills done when we got home for the JustGiving Awards.

JustGiving Awards

I’ve been to about 5 JustGiving Awards (I think), although I did work there for almost two years! They are always so amazing because they celebrate fundraisers and the awesome things they do to raise money for causes that are close to them. I always have to pack tissues because it’s a cry fest – it’s so emotional! Think ‘Pride of Britain Awards’ but not televised.

Richard Herring was there as he was up for Celebrity Fundraiser of the Year for his work for Refuge, the domestic violence charity. Sadly he didn’t win but I went up to tell him how amazing I thought he was (could you tell I’d had a couple of drinks..?). He was so lovely! Read about all of the phenomenal winners on the JustGiving blog.

Giving to others

I spotted a tweet by Women for Refugee Women who were looking for unused beauty products to be donated to give to refugee women as Christmas gifts and I really wanted to help. I asked my colleagues if anyone wanted to contribute and we managed to collect a big box full of beauty products and toiletries! Their office was just down the road from mine so I hand delivered them and they were so delighted. I’m so glad these women will get to have some lovely, pampering products.

Unused beauty products for refugee women

Eating comforting food

The days are getting shorter – and colder – and there’s nothing better than to sit by the fire, eating comfort food. I make a mean lamb casserole with dumplings, which cooks for about 3 hours, and I just love eating this kind of food at this time of the year. Another favourite is tomato soup with toasted bread with Marmite and melted cheese. Delicious!

Christmas is coming!

Basically as soon as Halloween was over, the Christmas decorations started coming out. There’s some truly gorgeous festive decor around London and I love this time of year.

Christmas decor in London

My health

I am very grateful that I’m in good health – both mentally and physically. I have a few friends who are aren’t well at the moment and it’s a bit of a struggle for them. Sometimes I take being well for granted and it’s only until you’re not feeling great or someone close to you isn’t well, that you realise how lucky you are.

So that’s my ten happy things for November! How did your month go?

Kirsty Marrins

Reader, writer, occasional runner, travel lover.




  • Rosie

    What an amazing sunset! I love Richard Herring too – I met him after a gig in Leicester earlier this year and he was so friendly. Opposite the GP surgery where I work, we have a hostel for the homeless and every year, everyone contributes toiletries – both luxuries and essentials – to give to them at Christmas. I think you should always give something back, at this time of year especially, if you can x

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Richard is the best! Ah that is so nice of you and your colleagues. Definitely agree with you! A little bit of kindness goes a long way x

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