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Ten happy things – April 2022

Steas de Sevilla

Each month I look back and reflect on what made me happy and brought me joy. Sometimes they’re really small things, like a bunch of daffodils and sometimes they’re big – like a holiday. Here’s my ‘ten happy things’ for April!

Ran 5k

For the first time in goodness knows how long, I actually ran 5k! I was pretty pleased with myself for pushing myself just that little bit (because by 2k I wanted to stop!). Hilariously I had to have a nap that afternoon. I clearly need to up my fitness levels!

Lunch with Natalie

One of my highlights in April was lunch with my gorgeous friend Natalie. We hadn’t seen each other since December so were long overdue a catchup! As Natalie’s train comes in to London Bridge, we opted for lunch at Casa do Frango. Not only was the restaurant beautiful, the food was great too. But the best part of all, of course, was the company!

Kirsty and Natalie at Casa do Frango

Easter in Seville

We spent Easter in Seville and had the most amazing time. Not only is it a stunning city but we were there for Semana Santa, which is quite the experience I must say. We were also so lucky to have fabulous weather. It was 29 degrees and sunny every day! There’s so much to see and do in Seville, I’d highly recommend it for a wonderful city break. Plus, it’s a great city to cycle around.


Reunion with Tanya

My darling friend Tanya was over from South Africa whilst we were in Seville so we only managed a quick lunch and a catch-up just before she had to fly back. Whilst it wasn’t enough time, it was so wonderful to see her and get a hug after almost two and a half years (thanks Covid)!. We should hopefully be seeing each other twice more this year and we’ll definitely make more time to catch up.

Kirsty and Tanya

New artwork

Tanya bought me the most stunning framed artwork, which I just adore! It’s in the bedroom for now but will have pride of place when we move to Italy in a few years.

Artwork in a white picture frame

Got nominated for an award

I was delighted and honoured to be nominated for an award, along with a colleague, at the charity I’m contracting at. It was very unexpected and really lovely to be recognised for the work we did on a fundraising campaign.

Dinner with the girls

Cath, Jennie, Nadia and I used to live together in a house share many moons ago and we get together from time to time for dinner, a BBQ or a birthday. We met for dinner one week night after work at Sea Containers Restaurant. I wouldn’t recommend the restaurant and wouldn’t return… but of course the company was fab! It was so lovely to hear everyone’s news and spend time together.

Gifted books

This month I got gifted three books! Well, one was actually a book swop with my friend Catherine. I swopped her my copy of The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett and Catherine sent me We are all birds of Uganda by Hafsa Zayyan.

Then my best friend, Candice, sent over two books with Tanya – one is Anxious People, by Fredrik Backman (who wrote A man called Ove, one of my favourite books!) and Recipes for love and muder by Sally Andrews, a South African novelist. I can’t wait to read them all!

Three books on a bookshelf

Got laser eye surgery

The last Friday of the month I had laser eye surgery. I had to have a different procedure to the normal one as I have thin corneas so I was told I’d have a bit of pain for 3 to 4 days. Well… it was much worse than I expected and my recovery has been quite slow but I know it’ll be worth it in the end! Each day my sight is getting better and better and it’s amazing not to have to put contacts in anymore.

Breakfast with Vicky

One of the best things about my current contract is its proximity to Dishoom! One morning before heading to the office I met up with my friend Vicky for a yummy breakfast and a chat. Vicky had just come back from an amazing (and eventful) surfing and yoga holiday in Morocco so I was keen to hear all about it!

This is actually a photo from a previous visit with my team at work as the one I took this time wasn’t as nice!

Egg and bacon naan

So that’s my ‘ten happy things’ for April. How did your month go? What brought you joy and happiness? Let me know in the comments!

Kirsty Marrins

Reader, writer, occasional runner, travel lover.




  • John

    How easy we forget the things that happen to us in our lives – distracted by the speed of time. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and reflect on a good month that started with a week in Mexico with my love eating delicious tacos on the beach and listening to the waves at night, had a fabulous brunch with kids to celebrate my daughters 16th birthday, got to take my son suit shopping for his prom, got to see my daughter score her first goal in a while and relive the experience through her telling, got to celebrate Easter with my whole fam – first gathering since thanksgiving last year (‘thanks a lot Covid), got to enjoy the first premier league game (in canada) with my mate dean and enjoy a few beers in the sunshine, had my love come from across the country for a week long visit with lots of good meals and wine tasting and picked up the proof from the printer for my very first book. Wow!

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Wow John, what a month! So many amazing memories and celebrations. So glad you got to spend Easter with your whole family – that must have been very special. And HUGE congratulations on your book!

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