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Review of Casa do Frango in London Bridge

Portuguese oregano chicken

My gorgeous friend Natalie suggested Casa do Frango in London Bridge for our lunch catch-up as she’d been a few times for dinner. I’d never been but am so glad she suggested it as it was great! Although, Natalie and her husband work in the food industry so I can always trust her restaurant recommendations.

Casa do Frango is a Portuguese restaurant, which specialises in Piri-Piri chicken and food from the south of Portugal – the Algarve to be precise. They have two locations – one in Shorditch and one around the corner from Borough Market.

I don’t know what the Shoredich location is like but the London Bridge restaurant is absolutely gorgeous! It’s set over two floors and we were seated on the top floor. I loved the decor, with the hanging plants and dark wood. There’s heaps of natural light, from the skylight ceiling as well as windows. We were seated by a window, so great lighting to take photos!

Caso do Frango decor

The menu is fairly small, which I always love as it usually means they do few things, well. And that was certainly the case at Casa do Frango as I thoroughly enjoyed everything I ordered. To start I ordered the sourdough bread from The Snapery Bakery. Thank goodness it came with pickled carrorts, Portuguese olives and lupin beans because as I had forgotten that Natalie is gluten intolerant!

Sourbough bread and olives

We couldn’t decide between the white or rosé sparkling wine so they very kindly let us taste both. We opted for the São Domingos brut Rosé, which is from Bairrada – a Portuguese wine region located in the Beira Litoral Province. It was perfectly chilled and had hints of raspberrys and strawberries. It’s a gorgeous colour and decently priced at £7 a glass.

São Domingos brut Rosé

Natalie and I decided to share everything. We chose the charred cauliflower and the Piri-Piri garlic prawns to start. The cauliflower could have passed as a cake! For one it was huge… and it was covered in what could’ve been icing! The cauliflower was marinated in honey, lemon and a hint of Piri-Piri and served with a lime, coriander and pistachio dressing. I adore cauliflower and this was so good.

Charred cauliflower with lime, coriander and pistachio dressing

I’m always slightly hesitant to order prawns as they can often be overcooked and rubbery. Not the case at Casa do Frango! These prawns were succulent and perfectly spiced with the Piri-Piri. We did have a bit of a funny moment when we asked for a finger bowl for the prawns and were brought an empty bowl!

Piri-Piri garlic prawns

As we weren’t starving, we opted to share the oregano half chicken with a side of garlic mushrooms and side salad. I was expecting the mushrooms to be button mushrooms so was thrilled when they were oyster mushrooms – my favourite! They grill their chicken over wood fire charcoal and the chicken is sourced from a handful of select farms in the UK.

Oregano chicken from Casa do Frango

The chicken was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and I adored the mushrooms (not too garlicky, thankfully). The salad added some zing. The chicken is moderately priced at £12 (without sides).

The table next to us had ordered some batatas fritas (traditional hand-cut fries) as well as the African rice and I so wished we had ordered those too! Not to worry though as I’ll definitely be back.

We had a wonderful meal, although my only gripe was that they served us our main whilst we were still finishing our starter. Not ideal…

Lovely setting, great food and good service. I’ll be returning soon!

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Authentic Portuguese at Casa do Frango

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