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20 reasons I know I’m a Londoner

Twenty reasons I'm a Londoner

London is arguably one of the best cities in the world to live in but also one of the most stressful, I think. I love how you could probably live to be 200 years old and still not have seen everything there is to see. There’s always something new to do – if you can be arsed to see it, that is! Because London is also very tiring… the pace of life is hectic and the older I get, the more I choose Netflix and my couch over the latest bar opening.

London Bridge

I’ve only lived in London since 2006 but I’m 100% a Londoner. If you live in London, I’m sure you can identify with many of these!

  1. You know you’re going to have a good day when you see there’s a ‘good service on all lines’.
  2. I carry an umbrella in my handbag at all times, because RAIN. But when the sun’s out? BEST DAY EVER.
  3. I moan if I have to journey past zone 3, especially as my travel card is zone 1 &2.
  4. I can’t afford to buy a house but I’ll spend £5 on a smoothie and £9 on a bowl of pokè.
  5. For regular routes, I get on the tube carriage that I know stops right opposite the ‘way out’ sign. It’s little things like this that makes travel (and being squashed like a sardine) more bearable.
  6. I know it’s quicker to walk from Leicester Square to Covent Garden then change tubes. Same goes for Charring Cross and Embankment.
  7. I avoid tube stations with lifts (I’m looking at you, Covent Garden) but if I do need to use them, I have my ticket ready.
  8. I only laugh or smile when there’s a dog in my carriage or the driver has made a joke.
  9. If my train’s not moved in over a minute without an announcement, I get the RAGE.
  10. I consider travelling further than zone 6 a ‘day trip’.
  11. There is still so much of London I need to see – mainly South London.
  12. The only reason I’d go near Piccadilly Circus is for the theatre. And no it’s NOT like Time’s Square at all.
  13. I automatically stand on the right on an escalator – no matter where in the world I am.
  14. I don’t blink an eye when a glass of wine costs £8 in a bar.
  15. I know which ’emergency exit’ or ‘no entry’ signs are actually shortcuts to the platform. Sneaky but such a time saver.
  16. I know my neighbours’ names but no one else in the street.
  17. You could not pay me to go to Oxford Street on a weekend.
  18. I tut loudly at people who get off the tube and then immediately stop to see which way to go, blocking the rest of us.
  19. I constantly say ‘we should go see this show/gig/experience’ and then never follow through. They’ll be back, right?
  20. With about a gazillion restaurants in the capital, I still seem to regularly go back to only a handful. And they’re all within 20 mins of my house.

If you can identify with at least ten of these, then consider yourself a Londoner!

Twenty reasons I know I'm a Londoner

Kirsty Marrins

Reader, writer, occasional runner, travel lover.



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