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Ten happy things – March 2022

Edinburgh Castle

Each month I look back and reflect on memories and moments that brought me joy. There’s something really lovely about writing them down and I even like reading old posts to see what my ‘happy things’ were in previous months and even years. Here’s what made me happy and brought me joy in March.

Team lunch at Dishoom

I’ve been working at a big children’s charity since December and at the beginning of March my team got together to have breakfast at Dishoom before work. Not only was it lovely to finally meet some colleagues in real life, it was nice to just meet over a social occasion. Plus… Dishoom! I ordered the egg and bacon naan and it was ridiculously yummy! I’ve already planned a return visit with a client.

Egg and bacon naan from Dishoom

Fundraised for Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has been devastating. It’s easy to feel helpless in times like these but there is one thing we can all do and that’s donate to charities working on the front line or volunteer to help them with bucket collections. So, after making a donation to the British Red Cross I decided to set up a Facebook Fundraiser for them so that friends could donate too if they wanted to. I’m delighted that it raised £150, which I know will be put to good use (as I used to work at the British Red Cross). So far over £200 million has been raised by the British public, which is amazing! But sadly, much more is needed. If you can donate, please do.

Delicious pasta at Manteca

Lunch at Manteca, in Shoreditch, is always a joy! The food is so good and always on point. Which is why it’s made my ‘best Italian restaurants in London‘ blog post! Plus, afterwards we love to walk around Brick Lane and then pop into Eataly to stock up on some Italian goodies. A Saturday well spent!

Duck Fazzoletti from Manteca

Long chat with my sister

My sister has a new job, which means that we’re able to talk more often! With the seven hour time difference and the hours she used to work, it was really hard to find a good time to have a chat. With her new job it’s much easier so I’ve enjoyed having more regular calls!

Drinks with Deana

One Friday night my friend Deana and I met for drinks and a catch up as it had been a good few months since we’d last seen each other and both of us had new jobs to chat about! It’s always lovely to see Deana and enjoy her company with a glass (or two) of fizz.

Weekend in Edinburgh

In December when we travelled to Edinburgh to visit my dad, we stayed in a lovely apartment, right by the castle. The owners, James and LeeAnn, kindly invited me back to review their luxury Edinburgh apartment for my blog (which was very exciting!) and it was wonderful as it meant getting to see my dad again.

The weather in Edinburgh the weekend we visited was absolutely amazing! We had a fabulous time, eating delicious food, seeing my dad and looking through old photos and of course just chilling in the gorgeous apartment.

Luxury Edinburgh apartment

Dinner at Timberyard

We first went to Timberyard for lunch in May last year so this time I really wanted to try dinner service. The menu is fairly small, which I was slightly worried about in case there were things we didn’t like, however the food was incredible. We opted for the four course menu which had some snacks, such as a battered oyster, then a wild garlic broth, brocolli with hazlenuts and egg yolk, monkfish with potaoes as the main and a rhubard desseet to follow. My favourite dishes were the brocolli and the dessert. Overall we had a fabulous meal.

Rhubard dessert from Timberyard

Beautiful Spring blossoms

Spring is one of my favourite seasons in London because the whole city is covered in beautiful Spring blossoms! I love seeing the stunning Magnolia trees flowering and the gorgeous pink Cherry Blossoms, brightening up the streets. They look even more beautiful when the sky is really blue!

Cherry Blossom tree

Yummy work lunches

One of the best things about being back in the office is all the options for lunch. I’ve been enjoying some wonderful food, such as falafel salad boxes, Malaysian beef ketumbar with crispy bitter gourd and Vietnamese vermicelli bowls.

Fabulous weather

We had some absolutely gorgeous weather in March! Although some days were still cold, seeing blue sky and sunshine makes such a difference – especially to my mood. We also enjoyed almost a whole week of sunshine and warm weather, which was wonderful! Of course the next week it was freezing and even snowed in London! The snow was very fleeting though and didn’t settle, thankfully. I was very grateful for the many days of sunshine and blue skies we had in March.

Grand Union Canal in Paddington

So that’s my ‘ten happy things’ for March! How did your month go? Let me know in the comments.

Kirsty Marrins

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