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London’s top Megasightseeing spots

Megasightseeing tour bus

Recently I was invited along to an exclusive, top secret event by Megabus to experience one of their new services. It was all very hush, hush apart from the meeting point – the London Eye. I’ve lived in London (pretty much) since 2004, yet I’ve never been on the London Eye so I was really hoping that this was going to be the night I got to go on it. But what would Megabus have to do with the Eye…?

I arrived at the meeting point at 5:15 pm, and eagerly awaited the evening, with a bunch of lovely fellow bloggers. The weather was AMAZING with bright sunshine and around 26 degrees, it was the perfect evening for an adventure. And what an adventure it was!

VIP London Eye experience

We were treated to a VIP London Eye experience, which meant that we got our own pod and avoided the queues. The VIP experience also includes a glass of champagne and a personal host who points out iconic London landmarks.

London Eye pod

The 360 degree panoramic views over the city were amazing and because it was such a beautiful evening, it made it even more magical. The full rotation takes about 30 minutes – just enough time to drink my champagne! I am beyond delighted I got to experience the London Eye and wish I’d done it sooner!

VIP London Eye pod

Whilst we were on the Eye, we were told what the surprise was… Megabus has launched a new London sightseeing bus tour, called Megasightseeing, on an open top double-decker bus. We were going to be the first to try it out! So, once we disembarked from the Eye we hopped on to the bus to start our sightseeing adventure.

Megasightseeing tour bus

I sat next to the lovely Kassie from Our London Life for the two hour tour. The Megasightseeing tour is unique in that it’s a non-stop tour of London – it’s not a hop-on-hop-off service. In two hours, you’ll get to see 50 of London’s most famous sights, from the Houses of Parliament to Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Royal Exchange, Hyde Park Corner and many more.

I love the concept because I don’t really get ‘hop-on-hop-off’ services. If you really want to stop and visit somewhere, make a day of it (or a half day) and just get the tube or a local bus. If you just want a quick tour of London – especially for those who are only in the city for a few days – then this tour is perfect.

View of St Paul's Cathedral

Another unique feature of the Megasightseeing bus tour is that they guarantee you a seat upstairs so if it’s a lovely day, you don’t have to worry that you’ll be stuck downstairs. There’s also recorded commentary that tells you the history of all the landmarks on the route.

Megasightseeing Bus tour event

As we boarded the bus at around 6 pm, we were lucky to see the sun go down just after 8 pm and capture some gorgeous shots.

Tower of London at sunset

Views from Megasightseeing bus

View of the city of London

The Megasightseeing buses run every day of the week, every hour between 10 am and 5 pm. There are three locations that you can start your tour from: the London Eye, Tower of London and Park Lane. Tickets start from just £1! This is such an affordable way to see London for those visiting our beautiful city. I’ll definitely be booking tickets the next time I have friends or family visiting.

I thoroughly enjoyed both the VIP London Eye experience as well as the Megasightseeing bus tour. It was wonderful to see London above street level and to hear all about the history of some of London’s most famous landmarks. Big thanks to Megabus for the invite!

*Photo credit of the buses with the London Eye goes to Megabus.

An affordable way to see London's top sights

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