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Is skiing for me?

Chel-ski indoor skiing with Club Med

Recently I was invited along to a blogger event to find out if skiing was for me. I was really excited because, for years, we’ve talked about going skiing over New Year but never booked anything. I think it’s mainly because neither of us has skied before so we’ve always been a bit apprehensive about it. I was hoping this event would help me work out if skiing really is for me.

The event was hosted by Club Med UK in collaboration with Talented Talkers and took place at Chel-ski, an indoor ski centre in Fulham Broadway. The bloggers were a mix of those of us who had never skied and those who had skied before but not for a few years.

Chelski indoor skiing

Upon arrival we were taken up to the really cute Alpine Bar and offered a non-alcoholic cocktail because obviously drinking before hitting the slopes is a big no no. At Chel-ski, only three people are allowed on the slopes at a time – with the instructor – so that you get a lot of one-on-one support (which believe me, I needed!).

They have two slopes so I was on one with Katy from Little Miss Katy and Kristina from Mode of Style. Both Katy and Kristina have skied before so were much better than I was! I was a figure skater for years when I was younger so part of me thought this would stand me in good stead. It didn’t… and can I just say that skiing is such hard work! My calves were absolutely killing me after about 5 minutes. Because I wasn’t very good and had to hold the bar a lot, I think I only managed to last about 15 minutes before I gave up because my legs hurt so much!

Learning to ski with Club Med at Chel-ski

We had the slopes for about an hour so I watched the others and have to say, some were really impressive. For those who have skied before, apparently it’s easier on actual snow. I hope so because I found the mechanical slope really challenging! I definitely think I’d like to give it a go and I think because my husband can’t ski either, we will at least be on the beginners slopes together.

After our ski session we enjoyed a bit of après-ski – which is what really appeals to me about skiing, if I’m honest! We were treated to prosecco, nibbles and some hot food at the Alpine Bar, which I loved because it really did feel like being in a chalet at a ski resort! There were even some board games on the tables.

Nibbles at the Alpine Bar

Club Med had provided some VR headsets where you could explore some of their resorts. It was quite funny watching some people’s expressions when they were trying them! When it was my turn, I couldn’t help but check out some of their beautiful beach resorts – particularly because we’d had the Beast from the East the week before. With the VR set, I could pretend it was me on the beach, sipping a cocktail!

Club Med VR headsets

Not only did we have a fun evening, we also received an epic goodie bag. Inside was free vouchers to Chel-ski and to Clip to Climb (which is next door), Goodnight Pillow Mist spray from Neal’s Yard, a delicious hot chocolate spoon with marshmallows and an individual Raclette so we can melt cheese – yum! I’m definitely going to take my husband for a lesson so he can see how good (or bad) he is at skiing.

Big thanks to Club Med, Chel-ski and Talented talkers so a great event. See you on the slopes!

Learning to ski with Club Med UK

Kirsty Marrins

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  • It was a fab event, was so nice chatting with you. Glad you are up for a skiing holiday too 😉

    • Kirsty Marrins

      It was lovely to meet you too Mirka and hope to see you at another event soon!

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