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How to visit Monte Solaro in Capri via the chair lift

Monte Solaro chair lift with view over Anacapri

We’ve been to beautiful Capri many times over the years but we’d only ever taken the chair lift to Monte Solaro once – back in 2011. I think it may have been on our first or second trip, so on our last holiday to Capri we decided to do it again!

Note: These are individual chair lifts so you travel on your own. The chair lift was built in 1952 by engineer Uliscia and the equipment was completely overhauled in 1998 and reopened in 1999.

It’s worth noting that there is only a small bar that goes over your lap, which can be easily raised. I don’t recommend going if you’re scared of heights as you do go quite high up off the floor and the chair lift does have a bit of a rickety feel to it…

Lastly, getting on and off the chair is slightly challenging as they don’t slow down, however there is staff to help you get on and off.

Entrance to Monte Solaro chair lift

What is Monte Solaro?

Monte Solaro is the highest point in Capri, at 589 metres above sea level, and is situated in Anacapri. It’s also the most panoramic viewpoint with absolutely gorgeous views over the island and a fantastic view of the Faraglioni. It’s not to be missed!

There are two ways to get to the top of Monte Solaro. You can walk or you can take the chair lift! Some choose to combine it – so walking one way and taking the chair lift the other way. Apparently it takes around an hour to walk.

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How to get there

The entrance to the Monte Solaro chair lift is in Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri and there’s a bus that can take you there from Marina Grande in Capri. Even if you’re only in Capri on a day trip, I highly recommend getting the chair lift to Monte Solaro. Not only will you have stunning views at the top, it’s a really quirky thing to do. Plus you can explore Anacapri, which has some beautiful and historic sights, such as San Michele church, which was built in 1719.

San Michele church at night

How much does it cost

The price (as at August 2020) is €12 per person return or €9 per person one way. It takes around 13 minutes each way. Children under 7 are free, however they need to sit on a parent’s lap.

Chair lift times

The times that the chair lift is open, depends on the season. Note that these times are correct as of August 2020 but please check the City of Capri website for up to date information.

May to October: 9:30 to 5:00pm
November to February: 10:30 – 3:30pm
March to April: 9:30 – 4:00pm

At the top

Once you reach the summit, head up the stairs and you’ll be greeted with a terrace to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat at La Canzone del Cielo. Or just to relax in one of the deck chairs, if you’ve walked up!

Terrace at the top of Monte Solaro
La Canzone del Cielo bar

The views are just stunning. Being able to be so high up lets you see little pockets of the island that you may not ordinarily see (unless you hire a boat) – such as this little swimming spot.

View of a little beach with lots of boats

One of the best views of the Faraglioni – which is undoubtedly one of Capri’s most iconic landmarks – can be found atop Monte Solaro.

View of the Faraglioni from Monte Solaro

The chair lift in action

Here’s a short clip of the chair lift in action! This was taken going down from Monte Solaro, back to Anacapri. It may not look that high up from the ground but trust me it was!

The views alone are worth the trip to Monte Solaro. If you’re scared of heights then you can walk up and down instead of getting the chair lift. There’s a little valley that you can visit, called Cetrella, where there is a small church hidden in the pine trees called Santa Maria. It dates back to the 16th century and was apparently very special to sailors and fishermen.

If you can brave the chair lift, then do it! It’s a really unique experience and something fun to do in Capri.

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The chair lift to Monte Solaro in Capri

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