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A day trip to Sirmione in Lake Garda

Sirmione in Lake Garda

Earlier this month my husband and I spent a wonderful long weekend in Verona, which I highly recommend. Verona is quite small though so if you have longer than a weekend, I suggest taking a day trip to one of the little towns in Lake Garda.

We went to the Tourist Information centre near the Arena to find out more about which town to visit as well as how to get there. We were recommended to go to either Peschieria del Garda, Bardolino or Sirmione, with Peschieria del Garda being the closest to Verona. You can actually get a ferry between Sirmione and Bardolino but as it was low season, it wasn’t running when we went – which was a Sunday. I really recommend visiting the Tourist Information centre as they will also give you the most up-to-date bus and train timetables.

On Sunday morning we took ourselves off to the bus stop (the buses were only running every hour, so another reason to plan your trip!) and an hour later we were in the picturesque town of Sirmione, which is on the southern shores of Lake Garda. When you get off the bus, you’re greeted with a stunning castle – what’s not to like?

Sirmione castle in Lake Garda

Sirmione Castle

As we arrived around 11:30 am, we decided to have a quick coffee before exploring the town. Can you believe that Sirmione dates back to the 5th/6th century BC? From the 1st Century BC, the area became a favourite resort for rich families from Verona as it’s famous for its thermal springs. You’ll find many thermal resorts around the town, including Aquaria SPA, which you can go to for the day.

We had a walk by the lake, which apparently is packed with sunbathers and swimmers in summer. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and covers 370 square kilometers. It’s huge! The water is so clear and the view of the mountains make it a really special place.

Lake Garda pier in Sirmione

Pier in Sirmione

The castle, known as Scaliger Castle, only dates back to the 13th century – pretty modern, given Sirmione’s history! You can visit the castle too, although check when you arrive what time it closes. Luckily we checked as it closes at 1:30pm on a Sunday so we had a look around before lunch. The view from the top was spectacular!

Sirmione castle view from the top

After a visit to the castle we had lunch outside, as the weather was so nice, at Ristorante Risorgimento. Sirmione has lots of cafes and restaurants to suit most budgets. Ristorante Risorgimento is on the top end but the food was really nice and the service was excellent.

After lunch we had a couple of hours before our bus back to Verona so we decided to take a boat tour around the island. For just €10 each we enjoyed a 25 minute tour around Sirmione where our guide pointed out some interesting sights, such as some thermal baths where the water reaches temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius and Jamaica beach (because it’s like the Caribbean).

Sirmione Boat tour

After our boat tour it was finally time for some gelato. All day we had seen people walking around with mammoth ice-creams (seriously, I’ve been to many places in Italy and never seen such huge ice-creams) so we had to try one too. We ordered a small one to share – how could this be a small?! It was really yummy though – two of my favourite flavours, pistachio and stracciatella.

Gelato in Sirmione

Before heading to the bus stop, we took another little walk around the lake and this is the only public (free) thermal bath in Sirmione. It can only fit around six to eight people at a time. It had quite a sulphuric smell though – I’m not sure I’d last too long!

Sirmione public thermal bath

Our bus back to Verona took an hour and a half as there was so much traffic to get out of Sirmione. I thoroughly enjoyed our day trip to Lake Garda and would really recommend a visit if you’re in Verona. It’s so worth it!

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Sirmione in Lake Garda

Kirsty Marrins

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  • Amanda

    Wow! It looks super gorgeous there! x

  • Maggie

    Sirmione looks beautiful! I visited Lake Como twice and loved it but never Lake Garda – it’s definitely up there on the travel wishlist now. I never realised how close it was to Verona either…a great idea to combine the two together in one trip! xx

    • Kirsty Marrins

      I really recommend a Verona/Lake Garda combo! There are lots of little towns in Lake Garda to explore so you could easily do a couple of nights in Verona and then a couple in Lake Garda – the perfect long weekend break!

  • Christine K

    So I have to admit that I was going to look up where Lake Garda is located but then I clicked through to the Verona post and saw that Verona is in Italy and this was a day trip from Verona. What a perfect side trip and the place is just stunning. Loved reading about your experience and thanks for adding details such as cost and logistics. That is so helpful when planning.

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Thanks Christine for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the post! I hope you get to visit Sirmione one day 🙂

  • sabs

    Looks like a nice place to visit on a day trip!

  • Patti

    I love Italy but have yet to make it to Verona or Lake Garda. Putting both on my list!

  • Tom

    I think I’ve heard of Lake Garda before, but I never saw a photo of the place! It looks absolutely incredible! The castle is beautiful, plus that gelato didn’t look too bad either!

    • Kirsty Marrins

      The gelato was so yummy! Lake Garda is massive! Sirmione is just one little town on the lake 🙂

  • meishu

    Wow Lake Garda sounds amazing! You have really beautiful pictures. By the way, how did you get to the public thermal bath in Sirmoine? It looks so cool!

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Thank you! We just walked along the lake and the public thermal bath is just before the pier 🙂

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