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Delicious Thai at Patara Wimbledon

A review of Patara Wimbledon Village

Last week I was invited to review the new Patara in Wimbledon Village. I’ve been a fan of Patara for years and have been a regular at their Oxford Circus branch so I was excited to be invited to visit their latest branch in Wimbledon Village. I took along one of my oldest and dearest friends, Shelley, as my plus one.

Although they are a small chain of Thai restaurants (they have seven branches in London), each one is unique in their design. Patara in Wimbledon Village has floor to ceiling glass windows, which lets in lots of natural light and the furniture is light wood. There are fresh plants on each table and a touch of gold decor here and there. It’s very modern and fairly minimalist. There is also a bar area should you wish to have a drink before you eat or if you need to wait for a table.

Patara Wimbledon Village

We ordered some Thai crackers and a bottle of Chilean Viognier to enjoy whilst we looked through the menu. I am a Thai cracker fiend! I absolutely love them – so much so, we ordered some more.

Thai crackers with sweet chili sauce

Wine at Patara

For our starters, we decided to share three dishes – the sea salt calamari, Kanom Jeeb (prawn and pork dumplings with salmon roe) and the prawn rice paper rolls, which are perfect for summer.

I love calamari and the sea salt calamari was perfectly seasoned and lovely and crispy. This was Shelley’s favourite starter!

Sea salt calamari from Patara

I really enjoyed the prawn rice paper rolls as they were light and flavoursome. The dipping sauce had a kick, which I really liked as I love a bit of heat.

Prawn rice paper rolls from Patara

The prawn and pork dumplings with salmon roe were really tasty too and the perfect size, for me. I struggle to eat the bigger ones without half of it falling out my mouth!

Prawn and pork dumplings from Patara

We really enjoyed the starters. My only criticism would be that, as we were sharing, having three dumplings and three prawn rice rolls wasn’t conducive to dividing up equally between us!

I have to say that I am quite guilty of ordering the same dishes when I visit Patara so this time I was determined to try something new. Shelley opted for the chicken with cashew nuts and sticky rice and I went for the Ob Woonsen, which is pot steamed glass noodles with prawns, shitake mushrooms, sesame oil and ginger. We also ordered a side dish of broccoli with shitake mushrooms.

Shelley loved her chicken with cashew nuts and sticky rice. I tried some and thought it was really good, although it’s more Chinese than Thai. Having said that, dumpling are more Chinese too! Still good though.

Chicken with cashew nuts from Patara

I have to admit that my steamed glass noodled were a bit dry, however I added in some of the sauce from the side dish of broccoli with shitake mushrooms and then it was fabulous!

Steamed glass noodles with prawns from Patara

I am a massive fan of broccoli and they go so well with shitake mushrooms. They were perfectly steamed too – still had a bit of crunch.

Broccoli with shitake mushrooms from Patara

For dessert, Shelley chose the warm chocolate pudding with ice-cream and I ordered the mango cheesecake with white chocolate and ginger ice-cream. For me, the mango was so mild in flavour and I don’t think it really worked with the white chocolate and ginger ice-cream. I think a vanilla cheesecake would have worked better. Shelley thoroughly enjoyed her chocolate pudding and polished the lot!

All in all, it was a lovely meal. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, has a nice ambience and apart from one or two things, the food was excellent. The service was great too – attentive and friendly. I would definitely return.

Our meal was complimentary in exchange for an honest review.


A review of Thai restaurant Patara in Wimbledon Village

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