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At the end of each month, I look back and choose ten things that made me happy and that I’m thankful for. Here are my Ten Happy Things for December. Blogosphere Festival At the beginning of December I attended my first ever Blogosphere festival, which was at the Landmark hotel

Living room Four Seasons Mumbai suite

Mumbai luxury at the Four Seasons


We did a fair amount of research when looking at hotels in Mumbai and the Four Seasons stood out for its style, elegance and value for money. I read a few reviews and every one of them was really positive and many said how great the location was so we

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai

Exploring Mumbai like a local


Mumbai is unlike any place I’ve ever visited! It’s such a busy, bustling city crammed full of people, cars (and even animals) everywhere you look. The way people drive is … interesting to say the least and it’s definitely a 24 hour city that never sleeps. Although there are buses

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