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Top destinations for 2020 by travel bloggers


Looking for some holiday inspiration? I’ve asked some of my favourite travel bloggers to share the destination they loved in 2019 and that they think you should put on your 2020 travel list. Get ready for some travel wanderlust!

Tallinn by Bejal of BE-LAVIE

The jewel of the Baltics and the capital of Estonia definitely deserves top spot on your 2020 city break inspiration. The remnants of ex-Soviet rule are a reminder that this beautiful city is steeped in rich history, incredible culture, awe-inspiring arts, the most amazing open spaces and beaches for the outdoor wanderers. And, well, the foodie scene is top notch. In fact it is home to the Baltics best restaurant, Noa Chef’s Hall. 

For those who revel in vistas, climb the many towers or city walls for breath-taking panoramic views of the Old Town, which has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The only thing left to ponder is when will you be strolling the 13th century cobbled-stoned streets of this medieval city?!

The view from Tallinn Town Hall and Tower.

I spent New Year in Tallinn in 2009/10 and loved it! At Christmas time it’s covered in snow and feels magical. Be’s post makes me want to visit in the warmer months!

Kenya by Binny of Binny’s Food and Travel Diaries

With emphasis being placed on endangered wildlife through media and popular shows such as ’Seven Worlds One Planet’ and ‘Africa,’I think Kenya is an important destination to put on the list for 2020. Due to the increasing speed with which animal populations are declining, it is better to make a plan to see them in their natural habitat sooner rather than later.

Kenya is home to the last two remaining female Northern White Rhinos, who currently reside at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a place you can plan to visit on a safari. Personally I think a safari in Kenya is also an exhilarating experience and one which I think everyone should add to their travel bucket-lists. And you can perfectly pair it with a relaxing beach break on Kenya’s stunning coast – a match made in heaven.

A lion in Kenya by Binny's Food and Travel Diaries

I’ve not been to Kenya yet but I would love to go. Being South African though I often choose to go back home rather than visit another country in Africa, however I think I need to broaden my African horizons!

Verona by Sima of The Curious Pixie

Skip the crowds of Venice and head straight for Italy’s underrated city Verona. The ancient city offers more than just Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. Colourful and stunning, it’s full of incredible architecture, picturesque winding streets, lively bars, intimate restaurants and bustling piazzas.

You can follow the story of love; see Castelvecchio and its famous bridge, head up Torre dei Lamberti; relax in Piazza delle Erbe; watch amazing sunsets from Castel St Pietro; marvel at the beautiful Basilica di Sant’Anastasia and head off on day trips to Lake Garda.

If you’re visiting in the summer months, don’t miss out on Opera festival. The open-air Veronese amphitheatre even predates the Colosseum in Rome. It’s one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres and is still in use today. Watching an opera where gladiatorial battles once took place is just spine-tingling.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Verona. A destination for everyone’s travel bucket list.

Verona by Sima of The Curious Pixie

Like Sima, I loved Verona! It’s an absolutely gorgeous city. I also highly recommend a day trip to Lake Garda as it’s so close and stunningly beautiful. We did a day trip to Sirmione, which has a fascinating castle.

Taiwan by Ellie of The Wandering Quinn

Taiwan is an extremely underrated country which is why I think you should visit in 2020!

Although Taiwan is only a small country, it offers so much and there are so many places to visit in Taiwan! It offers cities, islands, beaches, mountains and national parks, as well as quirky themed cafes, arcade games, street art and street food.

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and although it offers a few iconic monuments like Taipei 101 and Elephant Mountain, the rest of the city is not well known, which makes sightseeing really fun because there’s no pressure or expectations.

I have visited Taiwan twice; once for 1 week, once for 2 weeks and I managed to see multiple cities and towns in this time showing that you can visit Taiwan for a short trip, or you could easily spend one month there!

Rainbow Village Taiwan by Ellie of The Wandering Quinn

I’ve honestly never considered Taiwan as a holiday destination but having read Ellie’s post, I think I should add it to my list. It reminds me a bit of Japan, and I loved Japan!

Jersey by Kerry of Kerry Life and Loves

There are so many gorgeous places in the world, yet my recommendation for 2020 is just an hour’s flight from London! Jersey, in the Channel Islands in an absolute treasure. It exceeded our expectations by a long shot, and was so different to how we had imagined it.

Its position, just off the coast of France, means the weather is often good. Ideal, as the azure blue waters and powder soft sand beaches in Jersey rival many more far flung destinations. The Island is compact, which means exploring it is so accessible and easy.

As you meander through winding lanes, you feel at times, that you are wandering through the French countryside. It has taken many of the characteristics and style from its French neighbour. With interesting historical sights, a great food scene and a laid back vibe, Jersey has a little something for everyone.

Jersey Lighthouse by Kerry Life and Loves

I visited Jersey in 2018 on a work trip so sadly didn’t get to see that much of it. What I did see, I loved! And we had a fab meal too. I’d love to return in the summer.

Forte dei Marmi by Fee of Where’s the Rooftop?

Forte dei Marmi is the perfect holiday destination for Prosecco princesses. But it’s also a favourite for families, as this is where the Italians and their brood head every summer for Italy’s best kept summer secret!

Located along the northern Tuscan coast, this is where the Hamptons meet the beaches of Miami, framed by a magnificent mountainous backdrop. The sand stretches for miles and is lined with Insta-worthy colourful beach huts and beautiful beach clubs.

There’s a terrific old Italian town with magical markets, accessed commonly by a favourite mode of transport – the bicycle. You are also just a short train ride from the popular cities of Pisa and Florence but the pièce de résistance is one of the finest rooftop bars with simply stunning views across this secret holiday haven.

Forte dei Marmi by Where's the Rooftop?

I’ve not been to Forte dei Marmi but interestingly one of my husband’s friends has just bought a place here so watch this space…

Cefalu by me!

Where do I recommend for 2020? If you’re looking for a beach holiday in Italy with lovely swimming spots, great food and loads of history and culture, then put Cefalu on your list!

It’s less than an hour’s train ride from the city of Palermo so definitely worth a day trip if you happen to be going to Palermo in 2020. But trust me … you’ll want to stay longer in stunning Cefalu.

The sunsets alone are worth the trip…

Sunset in Cefalu

I hope you were inspired to visit one or more of these places. Let me know!

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2020 travel destinations from travel bloggers

Kirsty Marrins

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  • kerry

    I loved reading everyones recommendations Kirsty! Even more destinations added to my wish list now! Thank you for including me, loved reading the post xx

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Thanks Kerry! Glad you enjoyed reading it and thanks for sharing beautiful Jersey with us x

  • Lauretta

    So many wonderful destinations to choose from – many of which I haven’t been to before so I’ve now got a few on my radar! It’s great to get personal recommendations as you know it’s the real deal – and very inspirational!

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Great to hear, Lauretta! Yes, personal recommendations are always the best.

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