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Exploring Bermondsey

Exploring Bermondsey

We found ourselves in Bermondsey, near London Bridge and Borough, on Saturday having booked a table at Zucca for lunch – UPDATE: which has sadly now closed. It’s not an area we’ve ever really been to before so we were keen to explore it. Walking down Bermondsey Street on our way to the restaurant we noticed lots of really cool independent shops, some quirky cafes and great pubs, restaurants and bars. It certainly seems like a vibrant area to live or work in. There’s even a Fashion and Textile Museum.

After an absolutely delicious lunch, we wandered down Bermondsey Street towards the small but artisanal Druid Street Market. There are only a few stalls (for now anyway) and lots of food and drink places under the arches. It was absolutely buzzing!

Druid Street Market

Druid Street Market

Whilst trying to find our way to Tower Bridge, we stumbled across another (bigger) food market called Ropewalk on Maltby Street. There were loads of food and drink stalls as well as restaurants, bars and shops under the arches selling everything from cakes and waffles to tacos, oysters and hand crafted beer. We bought some pastries from Comptoir Gourmand to take home for an after dinner treat – a pistachio financier and a hazelnut creme puff/profiterole type pastry. Delicious!

Ropewalk Market on Maltby Street.

Ropewalk Market on Maltby Street.

For a full rundown of eateries on Ropewalk, take a look at their website. I will definitely be trying out Little Bird Gin’s cocktails next time we go!

At the end of Maltby Street we passed this gorgeous antique shop, on our way to Tower Bridge. How fabulous are these blue chairs?

Antique shop in Maltby Street.

Antique shop in Maltby Street.

Having lived in London since 2004, I’m always amazed at what there still is to discover in this city!

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  • Sandra

    Was at Maltby Street market last Saturday. Absolutely loved it. I recommend a Little Bird Gin negroni 🙂

    • Kirsty

      How funny Sandra, that’s when we were there! Definitely want to go back and have a cocktail and the gin negroni sounds delicious!

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