Review: Crafty Foxx art print

If you value beautiful, lovingly sourced, handmade items for either yourself or as a gift then look no further than Crafty Foxx.

I met Lian from Crafty Foxx on Twitter and instantly loved her designs. Lian then asked if I would like to review* one of her products and of course I said yes! I didn’t just want to write a review so if you’d like to find out more about Lian, her business and advice on starting your own business, read this post.

Lian kindly let me choose my own design so after looking through her vast gallery (from British stags to hot air balloons) I settled on the Mother and Baby giraffe print. As I’m South African, I was drawn to the giraffes! This particular design comes in 23 different prints and I opted for the Blue Leaf print. The design is customisable though as you can change the colour of the heart or have each giraffe in a different print.

Mother and baby giraffe by Crafty Foxx.

Mother and baby giraffe.

Lian’s constantly looking at what’s going on in the fashion industry to get an idea of new trends, colours and patterns. All the prints start with a hand drawn design, which is then converted into a digital silhouette image. The images are then cut into artist grade mount board and combined with a gorgeous background and then assembled into a wooden frame to produce beautiful, eye-catching pieces of art.

My print arrived beautifully packaged and intact! Lian actually uses an alternative to glass, which means that there’s no breakages but also that there isn’t a glare on the print from your lighting. It also had two adorable giraffe tags (the cut-outs from the print) with a lovely handwritten note and Crafty Foxx ribbon.

Mother and Baby Giraffe print with giraffe tag.

Mother and Baby Giraffe print with giraffe tag.

Look closely at the cut-out design and it is perfect – no snags or wobbly lines. The print is really lightweight and is perfectly framed in a wooden frame that is handmade locally. There is one hook on the back to either hang directly on a nail or you could add hanging wire.

Another lovely touch is that all the prints are signed by hand.

This really is a high quality, unique and lovingly made piece of art. Crafty Foxx can take bespoke orders so if there’s something you’d like that isn’t currently offered then get in touch with Lian. The prints range in price from £40 for a small framed piece (10×10) or unframed at £18.00. Most designs come in two sizes to choose from (small or medium) and bespoke pieces can come in a large print of 40×40/45×45.

*The print was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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