Mouth-watering steak at MeatUp – a review

When I was invited last week to review MeatUp, I jumped at the chance. My husband and I absolutely love a good steak and the name is a clever play on words so last Wednesday night we took ourselves off to Wandsworth to sample the cuisine. They describe themselves as a great British BBQ that’s not restricted by the weather, which is a good thing as it was raining the night we went.

Even though I’ve lived in London since 2005, I’ve only ever gone past Wandsworth on a train or a rail replacement bus so Wandsworth in itself was a pleasant surprise. The restaurant was about a 2 minute walk from the station but there were some lovely cafes and shops along the way. I rather liked it!

The interior of MeatUp is really cosy – it reminded me a bit of a Cotswolds pub but trendier. The area we sat in had a fire place and lovely original beams on the ceiling and the tables all had fresh flowers. Despite it being a cold, rainy Wednesday night they had quite a few tables. You can tell it’s a favourite of the locals – which is always a good sign!

MeatUp in Wandsworth

We started with the quinoa, feta, broccoli, radish, spinach, pomegranate and sunflower seed salad and the smoked and BBQ glazed spare ribs with red slaw, which were recommended.  To drink, we ordered a bottle of the Belstar DOC Brut and sparkling water.

Quinoa salad starter


The ribs were amazing! They had so much flavour and just fell off the bone. They were very meaty too and worked really well with the lighter salad. The red slaw was very nice and complimented the spices in the ribs.

BBQ ribs at MeatUp

I’m sorry to say that my husband and I both ordered the same main, which was silly really. I knew my husband would order steak so I did contemplate the lamb but then the call of steak was just too strong! We both opted for the ribeye, cooked medium/rare with one portion each of skinny and chunky chips with peppercorn sauce.

Ribeye steak with chips and glass of Malbec

The steak came with BBQ sauce on the side, which was really good – nice and tangy and not too sweet. If I ordered the ribeye again, I may even ask them to baste my meat with the BBQ sauce then grill it. Sometimes, the chips at steakhouses can be a bit disappointing but I have to say both the chunky and skinny chips were crunchy, hot and the smoked salt just took them to another level. They were honestly the best chips we have had in a long time! I opted to have a glass of the Tilia Malbec to accompany my steak and my husband had a glass of Prosecco.

I was so full after the main but couldn’t resist the lure of dessert. I opted to go for the recommended dessert, the chocolate brownie with burnt butter ice-cream whilst my husband chose the rhubarb Eton mess. The brownie was sooo good! I couldn’t really taste the burnt butter in the ice-cream but it was still delicious.

Brownie with burnt butter ice-cream

The rhubarb Eton mess was also good, but perhaps a bit rich after ribs and steak (what with all the cream) and it was huge. Needless to say we didn’t finish either dessert (although I did a pretty good job on the brownie) and we’ll probably just order one next time…

Rhubarb Eton mess

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at MeatUp – great service, lovely food and a good ambience. We’d love to return!

Our meal was complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

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