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Getting my Poké on at Ahi Poké

Getting my Poké on Ahi Poke

Cronuts, ice-cream cocooned in candy floss, Matcha lattes, Matcha ice-cream, kimchi …. all recent food trends to hit the UK. Now, there’s a new trend in town – Poké.

Poké (pronounced POKE AY), is a traditional Hawaiian dish made up of raw fish and other ingredients. It’s healthy, nutritious, delicious and really filling. I was invited along to Ahi Poké in Nova Victoria to try a poké bowl for myself.

It’s worth noting that there is only one table outside in the square so Ahi Poké really only caters for take-out. It’s perfect for taking to a nearby park to enjoy, to take on the train if you’re travelling or to eat at your desk.

Ahi Poke in Victoria

Ahi Poké caters for two types of people: those who like lots of choice and those who like something already thought out. You can either build your own bowl by choosing a base (kale, brown rice or quinoa), add fish or veg, a sauce and then toppings (such as chili grapefruit or confit ginger) or you can choose a signature bowl. The four signature bowls are Sweet Green, Heat Wave, Oahu and Venice.

I choose the Heat Wave signature bowl which consisted of quinoa, avocado, red onion, kimchee cucumber and coriander with sriracha mayo. I asked for no red onion though and, because it’s made as you order, this was no problem at all.

Heat Wave Ahi Poke

I sat outside as it was such a nice day and tucked in to my poké bowl. It was so fresh and I loved the cucumber in particular. The quinoa base worked perfectly with the salmon and avocado and the mayo was lovely – just a hint of heat so that it didn’t over power the salmon.

It was really filling and I couldn’t actually finish it in one go so I took it home and ate the rest later in the day. The large Heat Wave signature bowl costs just over £10, which is quite pricey for a work lunch. However, the quality of ingredients, portion size and the fact that it will definitely fill you up make it worth the money.

Hawaiian poke from Ahi Poke in London

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