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Explore Gallipoli in Puglia

Gallipoli is a small seaside town in Puglia and I highly recommend it for a weekend break or as part of a wider tour of Puglia. We’ve visited twice so here are some tips to make the most of your time in this beautiful town. How to get there To

Tapas from Iberica restaurant in London

The best tapas in London


So far my experience of Spain has consisted of an Easter Weekend spent in Barcelona and a day trip to San Sebastián when I was in Biarritz, so I certainly cannot claim to be expert in authentic Tapas. However, I’d like to share my favourite Tapas restaurant in London with you

A weekend away in Palermo

We’ve been to Palermo, in Sicily, once before – for one night only – on our way back from Favignana, an island in Sicily. We’d been looking to book a long weekend away in Italy for a while and it was whilst watching Ainsley Harriot’s Street food Palermo episode that

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