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Why do I feel so restless?

Is it time to just switch off?

Do you too find it difficult to sit still? It’s as if it’s impossible to just relax – even my husband has commented on it. My mind is constantly racing, thinking of travels and adventures I’d like to go on or cooking classes I’d like to sign up for. Then there’s Italian that I’d still like to learn how to speak properly since we travel there so often, the next street tour I’d like to book on, arranging drinks with the friend I haven’t seen in a while, the novel I’d love to write oh and, of course, work and just day to day life.

I’m exhausted just typing this.

I haven’t always been like this but I bet I’m not alone in feeling this way. I feel like, in the age we live in, we have to constantly be doing something otherwise we’re not making the most of opportunities. I can’t even just sit and watch a programme on TV anymore without either tweeting, flicking through a magazine/recipe book, colouring in or checking emails. It’s like I don’t have an off switch anymore. I don’t have FOMO but more this little voice that keeps telling me I need to be always trying to learn, to improve, to achieve.

The worst thing is it’s starting to affect me. I’ve been feeling weird vibrations for a few months now and thought it was maybe our new flat (but that would be like, nuts right?). Turns out the vibrations are in my body and it’s anxiety. (This is not an actual diagnosis – just to be clear – but rather what I have surmised from researching my symptoms). Now, the irony is that I don’t really have anything to feel anxious about.

I’m convinced it’s because I’m constantly on a laptop/desktop/phone and I’m not giving my brain a proper rest. Look at me now – I worked all day, came home to take part in a webinar from 6 to 7 and now I’m writing a blog post at 7:20 (whilst keeping one eye on the Big Bang Theory and cooking dinner). The only time I actually stop and relax is when my husband gets home and when I go to sleep.

I need help. Luckily I can see for myself that I need to make some changes – and fast. The first will be to stop checking my phone last thing at night and first thing in the morning and to conciously check it less frequently throughout the day. I’m also going to write down three things I want to achieve each week and once I’ve achieved them, stop. Even if I’ve ticked them off on a Tuesday. I also want to use some of my spare time to practise mindfulness and when I can, go to a spa or the cinema (that’s one place I do actually switch off as I get absorbed in the film). It’s important to just log off sometimes.

If you can relate, I’d love to hear your experiences (and tips!) – please leave a comment below.





Kirsty Marrins

Reader, writer, occasional runner, travel lover.



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