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We are all citizens of the world

More in common

It’s true that, for most people, we only share on social media the good times, the fun and exciting times and we tend to keep negative or unhappy moments offline. I’m definitely guilty of this.

This blog is a creative outlet for me and a way to record memories of wonderful places, cultures and experiences. Whilst my blog is upbeat and positive there comes a time when the need to write about something sad, awful, shocking and tragic is overwhelming. I don’t want to pretend it doesn’t exist and that there isn’t a problem. We are all citizens of this world and it’s our duty to share this beautiful planet in peace and harmony and to speak out against hate.

In the U.K. alone, this year has been awful. First there was the horrific Westminster terrorist attack in March, then the recent attacks in both Manchester and London Bridge. Today we woke up to the news of a terrorist attack on Muslims outside a mosque in Finsbury Park, North London. All of these attacks were aimed at ordinary people just going about their daily lives.

We cannot stand by anymore and do nothing – thinking “thank goodness it wasn’t me or my loved ones”. Making a donation is not enough. Signing a petition is not enough. We need fundamental change.

As MP Jo Cox, who sadly lost her life last year to an attack by a white supremacist, said in her maiden speech to Parliament:

More in common

I urge you to take action. Report any hate or abuse that you see on social media, in the news or on the street. Boycott media who deliberately spread fear and untruths and who incite hatred. Remember that words are powerful and they work both ways. Write about and share the positive stories about your community and help people see and understand that we are all the same – citizens of the world. What we all have in common, no matter our race, religion or nationality is the need to love and be loved, to feel safe, to have financial security, to have a safe roof over our head, to make a difference and to live a meaningful life.

As well as these horrific terrorist attacks, the absolutely tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London has shaken me to my core. Hundreds have lost their homes, along with everything they own, as well as many who have lost their lives and those who are still unaccounted for is simply devastating and unimaginable. I feel sick that something so avoidable could happen in 2017.

Whilst my heart feels sore and broken, I take comfort in the fact that there are so many good people out there doing good things. People rallying together, offering money, time, food and emotional support to those who need it most. It’s awful that it has to take a tragedy for us to see the best in people. I am going to try to do something good, every day, for someone else because it’s small acts of kindness that will collectively make a big difference.

Will you join me?

Kirsty Marrins

Reader, writer, occasional runner, travel lover.



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