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Twin Peaks – the return


When the original Twin Peaks aired, I was too young to watch it. My parents used to tape it on our VCR (remember those?) and of course I did what every kid who’s not allowed to do something did… I’d watch it when I got home from school while they were still at work. Silly parents.

I don’t remember that much about it apart from that it was a bit weird but it stayed with me for many years – particularly the iconic theme music, cherry pie, the Red Room and the quirky characters. Then, just after I moved to the U.K in 2004 a colleague had it on DVD and I binge-watched the entire series. I loved it!

A couple of years ago I watched it all again. Weirdly, I couldn’t actually remember who had killed Laura Palmer! It was like watching it afresh and it’s amazing how many things you pick up on that you didn’t originally notice. It’s one of those series that you could watch over and over again and will always find something new. So when it was announced that there was to be a new series of Twin Peaks I was excited but apprehensive.

Why do you think Friends never made a return series? Because usually they bomb. They never live up to the original or our memories of the original. There’s always an element of disappointment.

So, over the weekend my husband and I watched the new series. At first there was a lot of, “Oooh it’s the log lady! Look it’s Laura. Wow, Hawk is really grey. Lucy is EXACTLY the same. Is Andy even dumber than I remember?” Followed by, “What the heck is this?”. “Um….ok. I don’t get it.”

I like ‘weird’ but I feel this is too weird. The start of episode three is like being trapped inside a¬†Salvador Dali painting – in a bad way! It’s too surrealist for me. I’ll persevere with one more episode but I’m not sure I’ll watch the entire series – I feel like Lynch and Frost are trying too hard. I can see why though. Imagine having that kind of pressure to deliver the return of an iconic series? Only three episodes in though and I already feel like Twin Peaks should have stayed in the ’90s.

Kirsty Marrins

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