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Ten happy things – January 2022

Lunar New Year at Mimi Mei Fair

Each month I reflect on the month that’s passed and write about ten things that made me happy and brought me joy. January was a great month, with lots of happy moments. Here’s my ‘ten happy things’ for January!

Ate delicious food in New York

Since we were in New York in both December and January – having gone for New Year – it features this month too! New York is one of my absolute favourite cities and one of the highlights of being on holiday is eating out. We had some fabulous meals in New York and tried quite a few new restaurants. There were also a couple of meals which were disappointing but I guess that’s inevitable.

My favourite meal – and a new restaurant for us – was at Michelin starred Crown Shy. I loved the decor, the ambience, the service and the food! It will definitely be on our list next time we visit. If you’re heading to New York, check out my blog post on the best places to eat in New York.

Short rib at Crown Shy in New York

Prosecco with Fee

Fee and I had plans to meet up for lunch in-between Christmas and New Year but we postponed the plans due to me being slightly nervous about going out before our trip to New York and having to take Antigen tests to be able to fly. So when I got back, we met up in Chiswick for drinks and a catch-up.

The bar/restaurant we went to was so lovely and our barman was brilliant. We had a really good evening, even if I drank a bit more than I should have!

Drinking Prosecco at a bar counter

Read the most joyous book

This month I read a book that I just know will stay with me forever and will be one of those books that I will definitely read again. The one hundred years of Lenni and Margot, by Marianne Cronin, tells the story of an unlikely friendship between hospital patients Lenni, who is seventeen, and eighty-three-year-old Margot. When Lenni doesn’t enjoy the company of her peers in a hospital art class for teens, she joins the one that is meant to be for the older patients. They soon become firm friends and when Lenni realises that, together, they are 100 years old (and that neither of them will see their 100th birthday), they start painting a picture for each year of their life. It is such a joyous, life-affirming book that will have you laughing one minute then crying the next. I adored it!

Here are some recommendations of the best books I’ve read recently, that you may enjoy.

The one hundred years of Lenni and Margot

Discovered a new Italian restaurant

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know how we love to have Italian food on Saturdays for lunch. I came across Legare from someone I follow on Instagram (I can’t remember who though!) and thought it looked great so I booked us a table.

Well, it was fabulous! No wonder it has a Michelin Bib Gourmand. We thoroughly enjoyed every dish we had and I especially loved the fried broccoli with aioli – so crunchy and addictive! Plus the aioli wasn’t too garlicky, which was perfect. We enjoyed it so much, I’ve added it to our list of the best Italian Restaurants in London!

Deep fried broccoli with aioli

First outdoor run in 2022

I’ve been running fairly regularly on a treadmill in the gym, because I’m not a fan of running in the dark and the cold! One day, however, the conditions were perfect so I completed my first outdoor run of 2022. I also ran at a really good pace, completing 3k in around 18 mins!

Back in the office

I started a new contract with a charity at the beginning of December and managed to go to the office once before the Government guidelines changed. Now that restrictions have been lifted, I got to go into the office again and meet some of my lovely colleagues in real life. I’m planning on going in at least once or twice a week until my contract ends at the end of March. One aspect I love about working in the office is buying something yummy for lunch!

Tasty bao at Cafe Bao

One Tuesday evening I met up with my friend Mitzie for an early dinner, after work, at Cafe Bao in King’s Cross – which Mitzie suggested. I’d heard really good things about the food and it didn’t disappoint! We ordered the Aubergine fritters with spring onion tofu sauce, which was an absolute delight. I hate spring onion yet I loved the sauce, which was perfectly matched with the crispy, slightly sweet aubergine. Another highlight on the menu was the Fish Black – a bao with battered pollock, lemon mayo, hot sauce and NG sauce. Oh my. It was definitely umami!

Black cod bao from Cafe Bao in King's Cross

After dinner we headed to The Drop Bar in Coal Drops Yard, which is a lovely, cosy little bar under the arches. I tried my first ever Greek wine and really enjoyed it! I love meeting up with Mitzie because she always introduces me to places I’ve not been and often wine I’ve never tried.

Exceeded a blogging goal

At the beginning of the year I set myself some goals. One is to read 20 books this year, another is to run twice a week and one goal was about increasing the monthly views of my blog. Well in January I smashed that target out of the park! Hopefully I can do the same in February too…

Dinner at Mimi Mei Fair

We hardly ever go out on Friday nights for dinner so this felt like a real treat! We booked a table at Mimi Mei Fair and had a really fun evening – starting with a drink in their downstairs bar – then dinner in their second floor dining room. The decor is just amazing! It’s decorated in a 1920s style, drawing inspiration from The Forbidden Palace of Beijing as well as 1920s Shanghai.

The food was also really good, although quite expensive. However it is a fine dining restaurant in Mayfair so is to be expected! We had a really good night and would definitely return.

Vegetable dim sum at Mimi Mei Fair

Daffodils brightening up my January

Is there anything more cheerful than a vase full of yellow daffodils? Spring may still be a while away but seeing these beauties on my windowsill definitely reminds me that it’s on its way! I’m also loving that it’s getting lighter in the mornings and staying lighter for longer in the evenings. Warm days are coming!

Yellow daffodils in a green vase

So that was my January. Let me know what made you happy and brought you joy last month!

Kirsty Marrins

Reader, writer, occasional runner, travel lover.



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