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Five ways to liven up your lunch break

Mindful drawing in your lunch break

As I work a desk job where I’m online all day, it’s really important to my well-being to take a proper lunch break and go outside to get some fresh air. I’m guessing many of you work desk jobs too, stuck in front of a computer all day. Instead of munching on your lunch at your desk, do yourself a favour and take a proper break. Your mind, and body, will thank you for it!

Not sure what to do on your lunch break? Here are five things I like to do to liven up, not only my lunch break, but my day:

Visit a gallery

I’m very lucky to live in London, which has many galleries, but even luckier to work right by the Tate Modern. So sometimes I like to take a wonder, check out new exhibitions and lose myself in the artwork. If you live in a metropolitan city, it’s likely you have a gallery (even a small, independent one) near your work.

Photography exhibition at the Tate Modern

Photography exhibition at the Tate Modern

Listen to a podcast

I only recently discovered the joys of listening to a good podcast when Serial was all the rage (when is the new one coming out?!). Now I have a whole host of podcasts on my phone, including Coffee Break Italian to help me learn the language.

Get crafty

Adult colouring-in books are really trendy at the moment. They’re great for igniting your creativity and alleviating stress and tension. Plus, if yours is as pretty as mine, you could even frame your creations after.

Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom - a colouring book adventure

Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom – a colouring book adventure

Learn something new

Why not take a lunchtime class? City of London offers a lunchtime life drawing class or attend a class at General Assembly and learn how to write copy that moves people to action or how to get more value from your values.

Get moving

Take a yoga, pilates or even a boxing class at your local gym. Or, go on a lunchtime walking tour – that way you get fresh air, exercise and a bit of culture! Don’t fancy joining a tour? Why not create your own? One of my favourite lunchtime walks is to explore Borough Market and then walk along the river, past The Globe theatre, past the Tate Modern, to Gabriel’s Wharf and then make my way back to the office.

There’s always something interesting happening along the Southbank – like this time I spotted a photo shoot with ballerinas outside the National Theatre.


Kirsty Marrins

Reader, writer, occasional runner, travel lover.




  • Abi

    Great suggestions Kirsty. I’m now the proud owner of a colouring book and just finished a General Assembly course this afternoon.

  • Sue Sinton Smith

    Love these ideas. And you’re so much more productive in the afternoon when you’ve had a break.

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