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Cheese heaven at The Mac Factory

Lobster Boy Mac small

Last week I was invited along to the launch of The Mac Factory pop-up in Debenhams on Oxford Street. I absolutely LOVE mac and cheese so I was excited to go along to try it out. I took my lovely friend, Genevieve, with me as my guest.

The Mac Factory was established in 2014 by South African chef Graham Bradbury and is a firm favourite in Camden Market and festivals around the UK. Having a reputation as the go-to gourmet mac and cheese brand in London (with an Instagram account to DROOL over), led to the pop-up partnership with Debenhams.

Chef Graham Bradbury of The Mac Factory

One of my favourite dishes as a kid, was mac and cheese – there’s just something so comforting and indulgent about it. I remember my mom used to add sliced tomatoes to the top and bake it, which I loved. Let’s just say that the choices at The Mac Factory are a little more sophisticated – and there’s no baking involved!

There are six standard mac and cheese options on the menu and two specials. On the night we were going to get to try a classic mac and cheese and one of the specials – Lobster Boy and the Factory Cheese Steak, which is a take on a Philly Cheese Steak.

Graham took us through the process of how they make the mac and cheese – and each one is cooked to order.  The fresh macaroni pasta is die-cut through a pasta machine straight into boiling water and then the freshly-made bechamel cheese sauce is poured over and mixed into the pasta. Then toppings are added, according to your order.

Making mac 'n cheese

The sauce is made with two different cheeses – British Carron Lodge Extra Extra Mature cheddar and mozzarella. The mozzarella gives it that cheesy pull!

At the event, I tried the Nostalgic (the classic) and also the Lobster Boy special. And OH BOY was it good! I mean, is there anything more indulgent than cheesy pasta with lobster? I think not.

Also at the event was Bignose & Beardy cider, all the way from Sussex. Phil (aka Bignose) brought along three different ciders for us to try – Turning Japanese, Hedgerow and Great Expectations. The ciders are still and unfiltered – as proper cider should be. All the apples come from local gardens and villages around Framfield in East Sussex and most of them are donated, which means less food waste.

I just loved their story and I’m really into anything that helps to save the food waste problem. If you love cider, they’ve opened a cider club so check out their website. 

Bignose and Beardy cider

Genevieve and I had such a great time at the event. If you fancy a warming, gooey, gourmet mac and cheese then head to Debenhams on Oxford Street. Prices range from £5.50 to £10.

The Mac Factory pop-up




  • Natalie Seldon

    Love this! Fab post darl Xx

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Thanks lovely! X

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