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Lunchtime cooking class from L’atelier des Chefs and Tefal

Atelier des Chefs and Tefal bloggers event

Last week I was baking up a storm at Le Pain Quotidien and this week I was cooking my heart out at a food bloggers’ event with the popular cooking school L’atelier des Chefs and Tefal. We were invited to learn how to cook two dishes in just 30 minutes each, using the Ingenio range from Tefal. At this rate, I could audition for the next Masterchef!

L'atelier des chefs

L’atelier des Chefs runs around 200 classes a month and they range from 30 minute classes that can be done in your lunch break to four hour masterclasses.

After a glass of prosecco, we were introduced to our teacher Ibolya Olah and it was time to start cooking! For the first 30 minute lesson, we learnt how to make a vegetable fritatta with the most delicious tomato sauce. Everything is measured out already and you work with your fellow cooks to make the dish within 30 minutes, with guidance from the chef. We got stuck in chopping the red pepper, red onion, jersey potatoes, garlic and parsely and I learnt a new trick in how to peel a pepper. Basically you peel it all in one go, like peeling an apple. This ensures that you don’t get any seeds in your dish.

Making a frittata

Rosie from A girl on a journey chops parsley whilst Marie from Ms food blogger whisks the eggs.

Once the eggs were whisked, it was off to the stove to use one of the Ingenio saucepans to fry the vegetables. Start with some olive oil in the pan, then add the potatoes and some of the spices. Once the potatoes have cooked a bit, add the red pepper and onion and fry for a few minutes then add the parsley. Then the whisked egg goes in and it’s time to put the fittata in the oven.

Frittata cooking

The ingenious part of the Ingenio cooking range is that the handles snap on and off really easily so that you can go from stove top to oven with just one saucepan.

Whilst the frittata was cooking, it was time to make the tomato sauce. We started by chopping the cherry tomatoes into quarters, chopping the garlic, parsley and shallots. We then added olive oil to an Ingenio saucepan and fried the garlic and shallots until they were slightly transluent and added the sugar to slightly caramelise the onions. The tomatoes, parsley, paprika, smoked salt and soy sauce were then all added to the pan.

Tomato sauce for the frittata

We let it cook for about 3 or 4 minutes and it was time for the frittata to come out of the oven. The smell was amazing! We then sat down to enjoy our food with a glass of wine.

Frittatas and tomato sauce


The frittata with the smokey tomato sauce was absolutely delicious! But, our work was not done… next up we learnt how to make chicken shawarmas with flatbread and a yoghurt and mint sauce.

As with the frittata, all the ingredients are weighed out and laid out on the table. The first task was to make the marinade for the chicken, using a food processor. Marie from Ms Food Blogger did a sterling job rubbing the marinade into the chicken.

Chicken marinade for shawarmas

The chicken was then fried to sear the meat and then popped into the oven to cook.

Searing the chicken

Ibolya then showed us how easy it was to make the flatbreads by adding all the ingredients to a Kenwood mixer, then rolling the pastry out and cutting it into pieces, ready to be rolled into flatbreads. A top tip was to place the dough inside a baking sheet and roll it that way so that it doesn’t stick to the table.

Making flatbreads

Rolling out the flatbreads

We then chopped up red cabbage, spring onion and green chillis for the filling as well as adding mint to the yoghurt. By this time the smell of the chicken was making us all hungry (again) and it was time to fry the flatbreads. They need to be rolled out quite thinly otherwise they will be too stodgy (like mine was!). They take only about a minute or so to cook and as the Ingenio pan is non-stick, there’s no need to add any oil.

Cooking flatbreads

Whilst the flatbreads were being made I got the task of shredding the chicken, which had come out of the oven. Once the flatbreads were made and the chicken was shredded, it was ready for us to construct our shwaramas. Take a flatbread and place some chicken in the middle, top with the cabbage slaw and then add the mint yoghurt. Then fold over and enjoy!

Chicken shwarmas with cabbage and mint yoghurt

Chicken shwarma

I had such a fantastic afternoon meeting fellow bloggers, learning to cook two delicious dishes and getting to take away an Ingenio saucepan set from Tefal! I can’t wait to start using them at home and I’ll definitely be recreating these dishes.

Kirsty Marrins

Reader, writer, occasional runner, travel lover.




  • Christa

    Looks fab Kirst! I’m hungry from reading this What marinade did you use for the chicken?

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Thanks Christa! We’re going to be emailed the recipes so I’ll let you know the exact ingredients!

  • wow how amazing does that look, what an experience too. I fail at cooking lol but would love to do something like this, it all looks brilliant xx

    • Kirsty Marrins

      It was great fun Sarah and I’m sure you’d do brilliantly!

  • Emily

    What a great experience! And certainly one of a kind too, it’ll be nice for you to try those dishes at home for your family – they look seriously tasty!

    Musings & More

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Thanks Emily! Yes, looking forward to trying these at home 🙂

  • fashion-mommy

    How brilliant to get to cook some very quick and tasty dishes.

    • Kirsty Marrins

      Thank you! It was lots of fun and it was great to eat what we had just cooked 🙂

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